SALUDEA Reflexology Gloves

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HEAL YOUR BODY! - These gloves not only offer hand comfort but also facilitate healing through acupressure therapy applied to the hands.
✔ Reducing stress and anxiety
✔ Alleviating pain
✔ Improving mood
✔ Enhancing overall health


What is Hand Reflexology?

Hand reflexology is a massaging technique which works by applying pressure to reflex points within the hands. These reflex points are believed to be connected to other parts of the body, so as massaging occurs, it ensures that the whole body is treated during the reflexology session.


How It Works:

  • Each glove features a detailed diagram of reflex points, strategically placed according to reflexology principles to target specific areas of the body.
  • Simply slip on the gloves, position the massagers comfortably, and gently apply pressure to the acupoints as indicated by the charts printed on the gloves. Adjust the pressure level from gentle to firm based on your preference.


Hand Reflexology Or Foot Reflexology: Which Is Better?

Both hand and foot reflexology boast unique advantages, with neither being universally superior to the other. Your choice will depend on your comfort, objectives, and individual preferences. Regardless of the modality chosen, reflexology offers a pathway to relaxation and wellness, benefiting both the body and mind.