Rotating Faucet Aerator Shot Filter 1080°

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Sale price $24.95 Regular price $39.95
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Bring you a full range of washing experiences!

⭐1080° Arbitrary Rotation
💧2 Water Outlet Modes
🌱 Premium Brass & ABS Material
🏠 Easy To Install

Rotating Faucet Aerator Shot Filter 1080°

Regular price $24.95
Sale price $24.95 Regular price $39.95

😍 Bring fresh new experience

This faucet can be rotated 1080 degrees and can be easily bent or folded at will so that the water flow can reach every corner of the sink. Dual function 2 water flow design, simple rotation can convert soft bubble stream to strong spray. Soft bubble stream and strong rain sprayer. Meeting all your needs in the kitchen room.

Features You'll Love 🧡

Flexible faucet brings water to any corner

The hard metal faucet can’t be rotated to the hidden corners in your sink? It’s time to equip a flexible faucet extender to flush to any corner you want.  

Extend and upgrade your faucet

This faucet head not only lengthens your faucet but also makes it more useful since this flexible extender can rotate 360° up and down, left and right to spray water anywhere.

Two modes of water flow

This sink sprayer attachment for the faucet features two water outflow switch modes, a soft bubble stream, and a strong spray. The strong water spray mode can effectively clean everything while the bubble stream can minimize water splash. You can easily switch between two modes to meet your needs.

Spray clean flow of water

Being made from high-quality material, this faucet extender is odorless and rust-free so you can always enjoy the fresh and clean water. 

Compatible with various faucets

As this extender can fit many types of faucets, you can install it into any faucet in your home. It can be used in the kitchen to rinse vegetables and fruits, dishes, sinks, etc. It can also be used for daily washing in the bathroom, shampooing, washing towels, etc.